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"NICO PLUS" - Bio Stimulant and Plant Growth Promoter
A carefully researched biological concentrate, which can be readily diluted with water in a homogeneous emulsifiable form ready for foliage spray on crops, plants, fruit orchards, vegetables or even plantation crops.
It enhances growth in a natural way that allows plants to make better use of available moisture and plant nutrients. It also enhances cell division and enlargement which can lead to better quality produce.
Special Features
  • Provides strength to withstand biotic stress like drought and disease
  • Reduces immature flower/fruit dropping
  • Safe to handle, non toxic and blends well with liquid pesticides and fertilizers making application easy and economical
  "NICO NEEM" - Botanical Pesticide
Combat pests naturally
An oil based emulsified concentrate formulation made from seeds of Azadirachta indica and Pongamia glabra.
  Mode of Action Active Principles
  (1) Repellent and antifeedant
(2) Oviposition deterrent
(3) Insect growth regulator
A.Indica : Azadirachtin, Salannin, and Nimbin
P.glabra : Pongamol and Karanjin
  Effective Against
  About 200 species of insects: plant hopper, beetles, leaf miner, fruit borer, corn borer, army worm, white fly, thrips ,mealy bugs, root knot nematodes and even some fungi
Special Features
  • Non toxic to beneficial insects like honey bees and non-target organism viz., predators and parasites
  • Generally compatible with chemical pesticides and provides complimentary action in Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Does not allow insects to develop resistance
  • Does not leave any residue in soil, crop or environment (highly bio degradable)
  • Truly an environment friendly product
PEN-GUARD" - Natural Nitrification Inhibitor
Meet the Nitrate Directives Formulation based on Neem liminoids and Neem Bitters
Special Features
  • Reduces the loss of Nitrogen through ammonia volatilization, Nitrate leaching and other proceses
  • Increase Nitrogen Use Efficiency
  • Reduces nitrification rate, thereby preventing ground water contamination with nitrates
  • Helps in continuous availability of nitrogen to plants
  • Cuts down nitrogenous fertliser use by 25%
  • Helps in managing soil borne insects and nematodes
  "ORGO NEEM SEED FERTILISER"- Certified Organic Fertilizer
Sustain soil health & productivity.
  3 tier action of ORGO NEEM SEED FERTILISER:
1. Nutrient supply
2. Nitrification inhibitor
3. Improves soil health
Special Features
  • Sustains soil productivity
  • Favours earthworm buildup
  • Reduces ammonia volatilization
  • Inhibits nitrification
  • Improves nitrogen use efficiency
  • Good carry over effect
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