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This flexible pipe provides a consistent network of capillary pathway through the pipe walls, allowing a steady and uniform leak rate. Therefore, porous pipes actually breathes like stomata of a leaf.
Continuous and automatic irrigation of plants or Trees by using Porous Pipes(POROUS) is the most modern and efficient method of using water for irrigation. It helps delivering water in the right quantity at the right place and at the right time. The system works with low pressure that can be provided by Gravity and does not require continuous Electric Power. It is therefore most suitable for rural areas where avilability of Power is irregular. As water if dispensed gradually and near the Roots of the Platnt / Trees use of water soluble Nutrients / Fertilizers is possible .This application of Nutrients / Fertilizers is also done most economically.
  • Made from Rubber
  • Saves upto 70% water
  • Promotes healthier roots & better growth
  • Increases crop, vegetable and fruit yields
  • Water Directly Reaches Root Zone Thus Encourages Deeper & Extensive Root Development
  • Continuous Moisture Level Eliminates Shocks Of Wet / Dry Cyclesr
  • Liquid fertilizers can be added
  • Eliminates Insects & Diseases Associated With Surface Moisure
  • No Scope For Weeds fungus,Molds, Or Rots Because There Is no standing water.
  • Liquid fertilizers can be added
  • For Fruit Trees in Orchard.
    1. Select a suitable place for placing a Local Storage tank. Use a Plastic Tank of about 200 - 300 liters.
    2. This should be on a pedestal. Its base should be about 3 - 4 ft. above the height of the land to be irrigated.
    3. Connect up the supply from overhead storage tank to the 'local Storage tank' incorporating a float valve in the 'Local Storage tank'. This will ensure that 'Local Storage tank" will be cfontinusly full. If you do not have an overhead tank you will have to make other arrangement to fill the 'Local Storage tank'
    4. Install a filter and a stop valve at he outler of the 'local Storage tank', and begin piping from there.
    5. You may install a header with as many outlets as you would like to use from this 'Local Storage tank'. Install a stop valve at each outlet from the header.
    6. Lay lateral pipe from Stop valve of the 'Loval Storage tank' or header if used up to the end of the line of trees. Use an end plug at the end of the line.
    7. This lateral and the POROUS pipe should be embedded underground at a depth of about 6 - 8 inches.
    8. Embed loop a of POROUS pipe around the trunk of the tree at a distance of 6 - 8 inches and at the same depth as that of lateral pipe.
      Complete the loop by connecting a "Tee", Place this loop in manner so that the center outlet of the "Tee" is towards the Lateral. Connect this center end of the "tee" to the lateral (with a distance place of lateral pipe if necessary) using a connector.
    9. When you open the stop valve at the outlet of the
    10. 'Loval Storage tank' or the header if used water will flow through the Lateral and the Loop of POROUS. Water will ooze out from the Loop of POROUS wetting the soil around the tree. The oozing will be automatically controlled by the qty. of water absorbed by the roots of the Tree. This process will be continuous. The soil will be wet as per requirement.
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